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The truth behind Professional Hypnosis

Professional hypnosis has been found to be very effective in modifying virtually any kind of habit from smoking to hair-pulling to nail biting. Even weight loss. So why is it so effective? Because most habits are the result of a combination of learned behavior combined with stress or trauma. That's why so many people are able to stop smoking for a period of time, but can't seem to quit for good. That's why my smoking program works so well. Because I help you manage BOTH the learned behavior and the triggers of stress and trauma. As for other habits, like weight loss or that "chicken problem", the same applies. I'll help you tackle both sides of your issue AND empower you to integrate a more healthy way of handling those difficulties in your daily life.

Although many people believe that they are too strong-minded to be hypnotized, hypnosis has nothing to do with "weak-mindedness" nor does the hypnotist ever "take control" of your mind. The hypnotist is only along for the ride. Whether it be enhancing creativity, personal enrichment or the very basic but often elusive search for connectedness and beauty in life, I can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of hypnosis or would just like a safe place to work on important issues in your life, I'd be happy to talk with you. Contact me today by phone for a FREE telephone consultation.

... and more from the New York hypnotist with a proven record of success.

If the monetary cost of these New York hypnotherapy sessions seems a luxury you can't afford, consider the continued "cost" to your personal well-being. Introductory consultations available.

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